F*** I Did It Again!

This afternoon I went out to the garage but never made it.  As I grabbed for the gate it swung open, I stepped forward, fell, and hit on my right side this time.  David looked out and came running.  He got me off the ground and made sure I got into the house.  I was soaked from head to foot.  All the time thinking but I took a bath this morning.  Under the water is ice!! If you have to go out be very, very careful.

It looks safe but it isn’t

Just because the snow in melting doesn’t mean it is safe.  I have a little pain this evening but on the plus side my left arm quit catching that sharp pain every time I move it funny.

I was going to feature this today.

Yesterday was clean a cage day.

Cindy worked on erin cage cleaning the bars, floor and all.

All clean and neat again

That prompted me

It sure needed attention

I worked on Spirit’s cage sweeping it out and changing the paper

Swept the kitchen floor and the cages were done.

This evening it is 43 degrees with rain until at least 2 am.  Again please be careful out there.

I still haven’t accomplished cleaning 2017 out of my file cabinet but I will get it done.   Right now however I’m in the middle of the Reader’s Digest magazine and after the fall that is about all I want to do.

Again please take care if you have to go outside.





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2 thoughts on “F*** I Did It Again!

  1. We’re both going to need to stop falling down so much. Did you get yourself checked out? I didn’t when I fell on the stairs and my problems didn’t really get bad until three weeks later so if you’re still sore after a day or two make an appointment with your doctor.

    Kinda wish you lived closer to me as I think you’d love my doctor.

  2. Glad you’re OK, not glad you got hurt again. Sometimes our brains get ahead of our (getting older) bodies and we ‘think’ we can do more than we really can (I’m saying that for myself, too). I have a tendency to think: “Oh, I’ve got this, and this, and this – to do” so I set off ‘attempting’ to do them – usually ending up with most of it done but me regretting not taking breaks in between times. I really don’t want to admit I’ll soon be 70, so I go around acting (& thinking) like I’m 35/40/50, etc. which is OK for the most part, but I tend to OVER-do and then end up regretting it by getting overly tired & that’s when the ‘getting hurt’ comes in – yesterday got a nasty cut on my finger from aluminum FOIL! Who knew!? Just happened to grab it wrong (on the very edge of the heavy foil) and it very quickly sliced my finger pretty deep – yep…over doing it.
    GET SOME REST, LADY – glad your shoulder isn’t hurting (right now). Love ya!

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