It’s Monday Again!

Good Morning.  When I woke up Libby barking because she was in her cage.  Cindy and David had an appointment to keep.   When I finally came around I let Libby outside and started feeding the zoo.  I gathered my laundry and started it.  Next came Cindy’s which went in just now.  I have the Bose playing my favorites. I had a bowl of Strawberry Oatmeal for my breakfast then gathered the dishes. I emptied the dishwasher, reloaded it and started it going.


Out the front room window

It is 16 degrees with a wind of 8 miles.  It is a light snow off and on and called for all day.

After feeding the zoo I noticed Spirit taking a bath in her water dish.

Talk about a small tub but she makes it work.

New flowers and beads for the kitchen counter and inside window.

It is a little early for Valentine’s day but I love the colors.

Well my camera battery is charging, I’ve turned off my music, have clothes to transfer.  Cindy and David just came in.

Well mine are still drying, Cindy’s still washing, so I turned Bread back on only lower to enjoy it.  Both Cindy and David  are rssting with Libby joining them.  Brandy is still in bed so it is just the cats and me up and around. ( Snow still falling lightly.)

What am I going to do?  Well one thing get dressed ( my bathrobe don’t keep my ankles warm).  Then I’ll finish the laundries, then pick up The Rooster Bar and read some more.   I can also do some more Fill It In puzzles because I sure not going outside in this weather today. I am going to have my arm looked at soon but not today.

Funny but I am sitting here swaying to the music.  It is so much comfort to me that I smile.  My selections today are as follows:

Live At the Troubadour with Carole King and James Taylor.

The Best Of Bread  with Bread.

Sultans Of Swing with Dire Straits

The Warmth Of The Sun with the Beach Boys

I know all moldy oldies but remember I’m going on 83 in roughly another month and besides it is my choice.  I have several other artists including the Moody Blues, Alison Kraus, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, and the Eagles.  You can add Supertramp, Journey, Orleans, Air Supply, and I can add close to 100 more but I’ll stop for now.

Time to check the washings and get a new cup of coffee.  My clothes are on the table to be folded and put away.  Cindy’s just went in the dryer so I guess it is time to leave the keyboard and play domestic goddess.

Please have a great week.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Monday Again!

  1. Had gynae check up at our large hospital this afternoon, thank goodness younger son drove me there and back. Relieved it over with had long weekend waiting to go. Now nothing until Aug thank goodness.

    Just 10 pm and our local radio on programme which lots of people go to bed with here. 51 yr old Presenter called Paul.

    Windy and wet weather for us coming days looks like. Marion England.

  2. SULTANS OF SWING! MY FAV – Mark Knopfler is their bass player – EXCELLENT – I have several of his CDS – LOVE his music! That will get ya goin’, for sure! Love Eric Clapton, too – he has such a (at times) mellow voice. Every day is a gift – some days are better than others – just grateful for the energy to KEEP ON GOING! Hugs!!!

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