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Good evening I’m back.  Just a little sore from the bounce I took but basically fine.

It is 25 degrees out there but feels like 19.  Wind is at 5 mph with a slight amount of snow flakes that melt before they hit the ground.

This gave me a chance to pick up parts of my windmill that had fallen on the ground.

While I was out there I picked up the mail and brought the garbage cart back into the yard.  ( I was careful to check for ice.)

On the back porch.

Cindy dressed and put her goose out there.

Her dress has pictures of all the seasons on it.


I finally have the top drawer of one of my file cabinets done.

The 2017 papers are packed in a box under my bed and all the 2018 papers are filed.  The empty box I had began a new life temporarily.

Lily can’t resist an empty box.

Speaking of boxes I had Cindy locate the box for my shredder in the garage to take it back.

We found the base for it still in the box.

So now it sits here beside the computer desk doing it thing.  (I just don’t check things well enough I guess.)

Cindy took my red jacket in to be fixed the other day.  Several attempts to fix the zipper by several people in the house and friends have failed so it was decided that the zipper would be changed.

In the meantime I’m wearing Jay’s old jacket.

The person fixing my jacket said it should of had a metal one not plastic.   It will be done soon.

I do a lot of these when I’m tired of reading, have my chores done, or wake up in the middle of the night.

Well Brandy is up and looking for her last meal of the day so I’m out of here.  Take care!


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  1. Glad you’re (sort of) back to the old ‘swing of things’ – a little worse for wear, but up & about, none the less – right? (boy, was that sentence filled with old expressions!). Hugs!!!

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