Time Is Passing

I’m slacking again.  So I’ll give it a try to catch up.

No snow but it ain’t sweater weather either!

Cindy and I went grocery shopping yesterday and as is our usual thing it was buy this.

Fresh flowers to brighten the kitchen.

We did a lot of buying yesterday but the fridge has been kind of bare.  Now we look like we can eat for a while.  We even pick up cukes, celery, and a couple of tomatoes.  I bought another peach to enjoy, plus oranges, apples, and bananas.  I added cans of fruit to the cart this time.  (Trying to round out the diet a little.)

I managed to sit in the swing for a while but Brandy lasted about four times back and forth before she was off to explore the back yard.

I am so looking forward to Spring so I can sit and read in comfort.

Lily doesn’t like where the tunnel is.

I had to move it when I put the new shredder by the desk.

This evening I watch Cindy trying to put fake eye lashes on .

Even with David’s help it wasn’t working.

I’m sorry but it looked like a spider was crawling around her eye.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  She did a video on it which will probably on face book. ( But hey at least she tried.)  She is working on the new look ever since she has lost so much weight.

Me I think I’m past the makeup stage with all the wrinkles.  There  ain’t enough make up in my life to fill all the cracks.

Well the last few days I have read, slept, done my chores, and nothing else.  I wake up in the morning thinking I’ll work on my jig saw puzzle, maybe a little jam making, make a pattern so I can make my goose some more dresses, work on an embroidery project, or do one of my paint by number pictures.   But what do I end up doing –sitting at the computer,  doing  fill it in puzzles, or reading.  Where has my urge to be creative gone.  Beats the s*** out of me but I can’t seem to find it and time is passing quickly for me so I had better wake up soon.





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2 thoughts on “Time Is Passing

  1. I’d say you might be going through the Seasonal Disorder thingie (where you’re mentally missing the SUNSHINE!) I have a friend at church who’s around your age & she’s been saying she just doesn’t have any energy! I get it! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Ordered a Sidney Poitier film today since always liked him.

    I look up ideas of how to fill older age days but nothing much new on the sites.

    I like the look of your goose.

    Coffee helps me get thru. Have had a lot of rain recently and folk are fed up with it. Marion Hants England.

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