Yesterday We Worked.

Well a good morning to you.  The temp. is 2 degrees, no snow falling, no wind, sunny, with a high of 17 in the forecast.  Still not balmy but liveable.

Yesterday was a day.  Even with the usual chores to tend to I’m happy to give this report

I started out canning 8 1/2 cups of Strawberry/blackberry jam.  This was followed by 9 cups of Blueberry.   I started on apricot next and while working on that Darlene and Michael came for a visit.  So I had Darlene making labels and put Michael in charge of making Red Raspberry.  (  He said he wanted to help when I canned so I took him up on it.)

So I sat down as Darlene said Michael was working under the watchful eyes of Momma.

There was a minor correction.  He read the portion for the fruit for the amount of sugar needed but I had measured his sugar out so it was easy to correct.  But he learned how easy it was to misread something and that was a good lesson for him.

Michael poured the hot jam into the jars carefully.

But overall he did a very good job resulting in 8 1/2 cups of Red Raspberry jam. Another plus was he work with me to clean up the kitchen and put things back where they belonged.  Darlene mop the floor to make sure all the spills were cleaned up.  So when we were done you couldn’t tell we had done anything in the fitchen.  ( That was a big plus for me because usually I have that to do when the the jam is bottled and processed.

All that is left of the fruit ordered  from Montrose Orchards is this.

Dark Cherries and I will have to buy  something from the store to go with it to make a full batch. 

But this is the jam area at the moment.

Not too shabby if you ask me!

After every thing was in order They took me out to dinner. I had a Gyro Platter with baked potato and a desert of Tapioca pudding.  The waitress talked me into whip cream and cinnamon on top—yummy.  The other half of my platter is in the fridge for later today but I ate all my pudding.

This morning nothing planned.  The zoo has beefed (except for Brandy) So I think I’ll picked up Grisham’s Rooster Bar  and read for a while.  Or I could start putting my jig saw puzzle together–is only 1000 pieces.  If I put it on a piece of cardboard then I can move later to finish it.

Well my thanks to my friends for their valuable help and the great dinner.

Have a great rest of the weekend and wish for warmer weather.




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  1. Boy, you’ve been busy writing posts and I haven’t been reading them! Just caught up – glad you had a good time with Dar & Michael (AND got something done to boot!). Stay warm & INSIDE, it’s a COoooooooold one today! (It was 2 degrees F. when we left for church at 8:45 a.m. this morning!)

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