A Lot Of Reading To Do

All I wanted to do was work on my Lucy’s dresses.  When I pulled the instructions for this..

All there was to instruct me was 1 sheet to tell me how to plug it in to the machine and the outlet.

What kind of S*** is this?  What to do!  Why get on the computer and request the  manual.  Yeah just 58 sheets (counting what is not in english).

I will soon be 83 years old and I’m going to learn how to sew with this machine.

So I put the material for the dresses back in the bedroom.  I’ll put this away for now.

I mean why would I need the thread if I don’t know how to put it on the machine

Right now I’m taking a deep breath and thinking why did I give my old Kenmore away.  Why because I have a brand new Singer to use now!   What makes me think I have the ability to learn so much when I should really pick up my novel and read a few more chapters.  No man I have to keep pushing my envelope instead of taking the easy way out.

I just looked outside and it is starting to snow lightly again.  It better not cover my nice shoveled walkways.

Right now I have to put all the stuff on the kitchen table away except the manual  to start reading it after I feed Brandy.

Oh such is life when you can’t sit and do nothing.

Stay warm, keep smiling, and even laugh out loud because it makes you breathe deeper.