The Only Spring Around Here Is Supporting My Truck!

Ok I guess all my work was in vain!

Been snowing most of the day–very small, fine flakes.

Well I worked on the crock pot recipe for Honey Mustard Chicken from Pammie’s blog today. I did have to revise a bit because I didn’t has the brown mustard  (had to use regular) so it isn’t exactly true to form.  But it doesn’t taste bad at all and I will have to use brown rice instead of white to put it over.  As I go through these recipes I have a list of what I don’t have so I can pick it up the next time I’m at the store.  I chose green beans, raspberry muffin mix, and sliced peaches to go with the chicken.

Yesterday I went for a hearing test.  What a laughing time that was.  I can hear voices but I cannot understand what is being said.  When I go to a regular doctor Cindy goes with me so I can understand what is being said.   In the grocery store she shouts at me and people around us think she is being angry with me.  But it has been a long time since I had hearing aids for both ears so the results of the test were no surprise to me at all.  Cindy says I will be much happier when I get this problem corrected.  (I keep thinking it won’t be cheap but it will be worth it.)  The hearing doctor is checking my records from before to try to determine what  procedure is needed. I’ll see him next week again.

I spent this morning sorting out my recipes, typing old hand written ones, and trying to  file them under some semblance of order.  I finally gave up,  put them in the book, and said another day!

Two days ago I was working on assembling the manual for the sewing machine.  (I printed from the computer).  I finally got it down to 15 double sided sheets.  Now I have not sat down to read it yet but I will.

Well Cindy is working a double, David just took a pill then layed down to rest, and Brandy finally eat her first meal of the day so she crawled in on the bed.  I have the chicken dish on keep warm and am debating joining Brandy.   Looking outside all  I feel is what a dismal sight this is!  So I think I’ll sign off for today, wish a happy weekend, and urge you to say warm and be safe.