Not Still Falling!

Snow is still coming down measuring 3 inches on the ground   The temperature is is 30 degrees, wind is 5 mph.  It will continue to snow until 7 pm tonight.

Today looks the same as yesterday.

Monday forecast is for mostly clear until 6 pm.  But I don’t think I will be shoveling at all to today.  It makes no sense with it continuing to come down.  (Besides my arms are telling me a loud no!

I haven’t check the other blogs yet this morning but that is next.  I have entered the information on my calorie counter for supper last night and breakfast this morning.  I have emptied, then refilled the dishwasher, fed the cats, gave Brandy her eye medicine.   I’m staying quiet because the humans are sleeping.

What will I do today  (don’t know yet).  As I said yesterday as I find things I need to cook with I am making a list to shop with.  My attempt at the Honey Mustard Chicken was ok even without the right mustard but David liked it better than me.

So far Cindy works 2 pm to 10 pm today,  but I think it will be TV dinners for David and me.  I don’t feel like being creative in the kitchen today.

Well that is it this morning –Have a safe warm day.