Where To Start!

These will be mostly pictures so bare with me!

Yesterday I tried  to work on a 1000 piece puzzle my grand daughter jasmine gave me for Christmas

Separated by color

Place edges on mat

After much sorting and trying to put the edges together I finally folded up the mat, placed it in it’s bag, And hung it on a hanger in the closet.  I think i’ll work on one smaller first.


When I opened the bag I knew I was in trouble!

]This morning I started here.

Instead I stripped my bed and prepared to wash sheets.




]Next  I watered the plants on the dresser.

It is starting to look like a garden



] then moved to the bathroom

I pulled the bath mats and washed them first.

The large one is spread across the clothes hamper and the small one is on the back of a kitchen chair.  (Can’t hang them outside with all the snow.)

I then fed the zoo except for Brandy and took more pictures.

Cindy had shoveled this are last night after work .

I plan on working on it some more this afternoon.

Moving to the kitchen I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher.  I warmed my coffee from last night and made a new pot for this morning.

THe flowers will have to be replaced soon.

While there I made me some breakfast.

Good old instant oatmeal. This was the apple/brown sugar flavor.

Back in the bedroom I pulled the bottles of Brandy’s pills to order them from the Vet to be picked up on Thursday when I go back to the hearing doctor seeing they are both in Lake Orion.

It is 16 degrees, wind at 10 mph, and no snow until 8 pm this evening according to the forecast.  There is sunshine right now so I may shovel a little after I  pull this whole thing back together again.

Have a great week !