This & That

It is 20 degrees, wind at 3mph, and snow until 6 pm.  It is the 10th and the scenery hasn’t changed.  I was going to take the yardstick out to measure but guess not.

Ain’t No Sunshine still the same! Hey  a song title.

Sometime today I must wade out and get the mail but I’ll wait until later and get both days.

On the 8th Cindy drove me to the Ear doctor and I had Impressions for the new hearing aids made so hopefully in a couple of weeks if you say something to me I won’t answer HUH!

Yesterday I worked on this.

This Is a 300 piece puzzle that I had started then did this.

I got this much together then used the mat to save it for later

Love this because I can work on it today or in a couple of days.

I still have this much to go.


I did put some Valentine’s day things up.

I did manage a decoration –the flag.

In the front window this

I doubt anyone will see it because of driving but I tried.

Well Cindy is working again today, David is resting, the cats have been fed, the birds are next but their are not awake yet.  That will leave only Libby and Brandy ( they are still in bed),

There isn’t a lot left to say except the snow is still coming down.   I guess I’m out of here for now.  Take care!!!