A Love Day Right?

Happy Valentines day to all.  I started out with these.

But they were good.

So today this is it!

This is it for today.

The story behind this is that I had no rolling pin so I had to pat them out by hand.  That made them thicker taking longer to bake.  But today I bought the rolling pin so I’ll see if this makes a difference.  I may even go with drop cookies instead because we won’t need the hearts any more after today.   That is my next project.

I finished my puzzle this morning.

Rather than rolling it up last night I put a big towel over the whole thing,

When I got up this morning Lily was sitting on the towel but she had not knock any pieces on the floor.  (good Girl)

When I went out for the mail today there was a note saying that there would be no more deliveries until the snow was cleared to the curb.  Now I’m expecting medicine for Brandy so I had no choice but to try and clear the area.  The young man across the street came out to help me but when they plowed the street all the snow was pushed to the side of the road.  Now this was not only deep but icy too. Even with help I wasn’t able to make much progress when the gentleman that lives next to us pulled his truck with the plow on the front out and cleared both my area plus in front of the house next door.  (That was where the the youngster that was trying to help me lives.)  Bless both their hearts for the help.

Cindy took me out this morning so I could clear my list of things I wanted like ( the rolling pin, a puzzle piece sorter, some new oven gloves, another puzzle, a large light.  bulb for over the bath room mirror, and D batteries for the dining room flash light.  I should be all set for a few days.

Cindy was called into work to help with a situation right after we got back home so I don’t know how long she will be gone.  The zoo is quiet or sleeping and David is in the back room.

A couple of outdoor picture for you.

The moon was great through the trees.

I found this one kind of interesting

I guess I had better get on those cookies So if you live near by come and get some.   Otherwise stay warm and hope the sun that is shining melts things a little.