Yep Canning!

It has been a day.  i started out shoveling the back walk after feeding the zoo this morning ( minus Brandy as usual).  She chooses to eat later in the day.

At the garage I pulled what I needed to can with today.

I decided to make Pammie’s chili.

I pulled the cans out, started the jars washing, then read the recipe.

Image my surprise when it said to cook for 4 hours.  Oh well I had started  opening the cans so i was committed. I used that time to get the kitchen set up with the canning equipment,  The results were 9 pints of chili.

To add to that with everything set up I did 7 cups of Dark Cherry jam.

Now I have to get busy and write the labels for them  ( Might wait until tomorrow.)

I did however did put that jig saw puzzle away and folded up the mat to use another time yesterday. When I’m out tomorrow I’ll find one with less pieces.

Well the Visa bill for December came in today and it was as bad as I thought it might be but I’ll pay it off and get it over with.  I had fun with giving the Christmas gifts anyway.

Well my friend it is 8:02 pm and I’m running out of energy so I think it is good night!


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2 thoughts on “Yep Canning!

  1. I would say you definitely put in a GOOD DAY’S WORK! (Look at YOU!). You earned a great big SIT DOWN, for sure! (Hope the chili is as good as all your efforts!). Love you!

  2. Ye Ole Teacher can smell the chili all the way to Colorado. Yummy. I soon will be back in Michigan and reacquaint myself with “shoveling ” snow. That was not a missed chore. Here up high on the prairie the sun comes out right after the snow falls and whoosh the snow melts.

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