Presents Arrive and Projects Are Mounting Up.

Les and Anne came to take me to brunch today for my belated birthday present.  We went to Fino’s where I had a Strawberry/Chicken salad.  It was delicious.  In fact I brought half of it home to have for supper tonight.  They also brought me this.

My teakettle, two prep knives/with the sharpener,a pair
of kitchen scissors, and a book.

The book is The Immortalists By Chloe Benjamin  

Also this

A 1000 piece puzzle .

They pretty well empty my wish list.  Believe I will not be lacking for anything to do.  Thank you both for this wonderful gift and my brunch.

Starting yesterday and continuing today.

It started to warm up and the heavy snowfall has started to melt.

The new flag went up this morning .

Lots of color to add to the outside.

I waiting for Monday because my sewing machine should be fix and ready for me.  I really don’t know what to work on first.  I guess I’ll make a list ranking by importance.  I find a list clears the mind and gets the dead butt moving!

Right now David and Libby are resting. Cindy is working a double.  Me– I’m trying to figure out how to start my to do list for today.  I think I’ll walk out and check the mail while the sun is shining so well.

Do have a happy weekend and stay comfortable doing it.