Hey On A Roll!

Ok it is day 7 and my sewing machine is working great after I met with the man in the store and he went through the threading routine with me . In fact I have pictures of both Lucy and Cindy’s goose with their shamrock dresses.

This is Lucy in her shamrock dress

Cindy’s goose next.

Now Cindy’s goose looks like she is from another country.

As you can see I have got to work on sizing these outfits but hey I’m just learning.  If I practice long enough I should be able to  draw a pattern where there is no elastic around the neck.  My sewing machine is working very well but I’ll see how it goes when I change the color of the thread.

I have made a hat -like thing for Lucy’s other outfit that I had made for her and pinned it to the dress.

I have put my teakettle on the stove top because that is where it belongs.

Do I need it there –probably not but we will see.

It has snowed most of the day and the forecast calls for more tomorrow.  I’m getting the down in the dumps blues with all this white stuff.  But it is going to go away soon I hope because I can drive under normal conditions but I limit the snow driving.

The next appointment with the hearing aid doctor in on the 15th.  I need some adjustments on them so it can’t come soon enough for me.

I took a long nap this afternoon and I feel like I could go crawl back in that warm bed again.

I hope all is going well with you and you are getting done all you need to do.  I’ll see you later.