Day 12

Well Cindy just left for work and I’m in charge of Libby until David comes home.  I have had to yell at her three times because she keeps sneaking in my bedroom and taking Brandy’s toy off the bed.  As per usual I had to shut my bedroom door to keep her out.

Cindy and I went grocery shopping yesterday and as is my habit this was one of my purchases.

It was only $ 5.00 but it makes me smile everytime I walk in the kitchen.

I got a request from my sister-in-law on facebook to post a message to 16 people.  I’m sorry I don’t do messages like that.  No multiples on facebook is my rule.

This is my newest puzzle to put together . I may start it today.

I also have to work out a pattern for Lucy’s (the goose) Easter dress.  Cindy’s goose has an Easter outfit from Amazon so she  is taken care of.

I finally have Brandy on track again (food wise and medicine).  It seems to be a problem that I never had before.  But such is life that one must overcome road blocks, solve problems. and come out a winner.

I see the hearing aid person on the 15th and am looking forward to it because I need some serious adjustments.

Well my friend David has company and I’m in the way so I’m out of here for now.