I Could Have..

Well tomorrow is garbage pick up day.

And it is a ,light snow falling. on and off all day.

In order to move the cart to the gate I had to take a utility knife and cut the ice off one of the wheels.  I don’t know how much longer we will have to put up with this s***.  The only good thing about it is it isn’t sticking to the side walks.

Well I bought a new shower curtain liner today so now I have Cindy’s new curtain hanging.

For now we will shower with the bunny!

I got notification from my arms that they do not reaching up for very long.  I ignored them and finished the job.

I just finished sorting my puzzle into the trays and will start working on it next.   I think I’ll set it up on the cloth so I can fold it up until I get time to finish it.

I named this blog entry I Could Have because I spent over an hour wandering Target this afternoon ( in search of the shower curtain liner),

As I wandered about I thought I could have bought a new set of knives for the kitchen.  I could have bought a new carafe for the coffee maker because part of the top won’t stay on. I could have bought a new wasted basket for the bathroom.  I could have bought a floor lamp to go behind my chair in the living room so I could read there,  I could have bought a new large glass mug fop David because he broke his.  With each department I walked through I saw something I could have bought.  Fortunately I ended up with the liner, another shower curtain for later, and some chew bones for Brandy.

I have to pick up a  prescription  from the Vet’s for Brandy’s eye drops tomorrow.  I think that will take care of the last item she will need.

Well take care of yourself and think about flowers, birds and other Spring things!