The One Of March!

Looking outside it seems time has slid backward.

Yep it is snow darn it!

As you can see it is still falling.  I was so happy to see grass and buds on the Lilac bushes but I guess I got excited too soon.

Well the hearing aids are in.  I am to try them for two weeks then go back for an adjustment.  As I sat at the dining room table I could hear a click.  It was the minute hand moving on the clock on the counter beside me.  Today I can hear what Spirit ( my African Grey) is saying and understand her.  She was telling Libby to go lay down among other things.  Last night I sat in the living room and could hear the T V without using the sound bar.  How do I feel about them.  I LOVE THEM!

This morning Bandy and I went for a ride (or bye bey as I tell her).

She was looking pretty rough.

But later when I picked her up.

Now she is all pretty and she smells good too.

Yesterday I went from sparkles to this

I can see the end of my fingers now. In fact these are my own nails .

The salon removed the fakes ones, cleaned up my real ones, and I was amazed to see the results.  Before they cracked, peeled from the sides and were not strong at all.  But by having a professional work with them I gain some really strong nails.  ( Hey I stopped the old age nail problem and it is worth it.)

I finished the first of the 10 puzzles in a box.

I finished this one last night, but it in a baggie and will start #2 this afternoon.

If you do many Jigsaw puzzles get one of these.

As I said before this beats poring everything out on the table, turning them over, then searching through all of them..

Your straight edges go in one tray and you sort colors in the other 5 trays.  They are not expensive and I find very helpful. Doing puzzles keeps me busy while waiting for my sewing machine to be fixed.

Right now I’m enjoying Mark Knopfler on the Bose.  The man sure has a mellow way about him.  ( Of course I also have Bread on the machine because they are one of my favorites.)

Well Cindy Is getting ready to go to work so I’ll close for now so I can see her off.




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2 thoughts on “The One Of March!

  1. Wow – Mark Knopfler AND Bread? Shades of the 70’s – sigh…my favorites! I LOVE Mark’s guitar skills!
    Hearing aids, fancy nails – you’re really ‘getting up there in style, Lady’!
    We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday (your yard looks like the ‘before’ photo to my yard!). Stay warm while waiting for the sewing machine! Hugs, Pammie (and the finished puzzle is CUTE!)

  2. We have joined you now here it has been a treacherous week of snow with folk stuck in their cars and lorries all over the place!

    Today it has started to thaw some and they tell us the temperature is back to where it should be for March. They said 1st March was the first day of Spring on the TV and radio but it did not look like it!!

    Your nails look good.

    I have just watched a film made early 1960s black and white and all about how times were back then bit of an iconic one one not many people approved of at the time – still it was good and filled my afternoon.

    Waiting for our radio request prog now although recorded today since Presenter is away over with your side with his wife just now until next weekend.

    Marion Liss England.

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