Hey Almost May Day!

Almost May and the yards show it.

The Forsythia on The side of the house has buds ready to blossom out.

In the front yard

What I think is the Bleeding Hearts.

Both sections of the bed show good growth

Same area

Ih the bed under the living room window

in the same bed

More blooms with a weed to pull out

On the outside the tulips are growing

Well after seeing myself in the mirror the last couple of days I decided that it was time for Brandy and me  to start walking again.  Yesterday we walked 1 block up Meadowlawn and back.  Today we followed  the same route.  2 days a total of 4 blocks.  As time goes on we will increase this. daily.

The mail lady brought this today

This is book 2 of the Anlon Cully Chronic ales

I have to wait until I finish The Cutting Edge before I start this.

Cindy help me finish my paper work for the Vascular doctor today so I’m set to go on the 3rd.

David fixed this today.

So our flag is now in place.

Well I guess that is it for today.  How is your yard and flowers coming ?





First Entry On The New Drive!

Good Morning on this early almost end of April.  Well the hard drive on this baby died on 4/27 and Les came out yesterday and put a new one in.  Of course that meant restaging every thing so he never left until around 3 pm.  Now I’m attempting to work with every thing again.

The flowers from grocery shopping on 4/27.

I just finished K. Patrick Donoghue’s  Shadow Of The Stone Benders.  A fascinating novel  that inspired me to order both books 2 & 3  with my gift card from Darlene and Michael.  They should be here in a few days.  ( All of a sudden I seemed to have lost my ability to type with more than 1 finger–what is with that?)

I have some papers to fill out today for my visit with the vascular doctor this week, I want to make a Cheeseburger Cake for dinner, and I have some vegetables to prepare also.

I will start Jeffery Deaver’s The Cutting Edge  today if I have time.

As to how I feel–pretty good.  Well maybe not so pretty but definitely good.

Les has recovered a lot of my pictures from my camera so it is only a matter of locating them.  But it looks like I lost quite a bit of data with the hard drive failure but Les (bless his heart) worked his magic.  Thank you son very much!

Well I guess this is enough procrastinating so I’ll leave you for now.



Outside Soaking In The Sun

Still around.

A new outfit for Juicy Cindy’s goose

Juicy in her butterfly outfit.

Time spent in the back yard.

A couple of Cow birds found the feeder full of treats.

A squirrel found playing get me if you can fun.

I caught it once

But It came back

Not the least bit afraid of me it hung around for quite a while.

Lilac at the gate

On both sides are getting ready to show their colors.

No Hummingbirds yet but I keep hoping.

Well I finished Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle and I must say I enjoyed it but kept mentally shaking my head at how the characters were either so self centered or didn’t have the guts to say no!  I do have 2 more books by her but I think I’ll switch authors before I read the other two.

I have an appointment with a Vascular Surgeon soon and It is a check up to see If every thing is good enough to let it ride a while. ( Just old age creeping up on me).

Well the weather is beautiful and I found  myself out in the swing a lot today.  ( Man I have got these nails trimmed back because I want to hit the number keys with my letters at the same time.   Then as I correct the mistakes I mentally want to cuss a bit.

This is a late happy anniversary to Les and Ann.  17 years is a long time but I hope there will be many more for them.

A moment out to wish both Darlene and my grand daughter Jasmine to feel better really soon.

Enjoy these lovely days and let me know what you are doing.


Out All Night

Spent all night before last in hospital.  Several tests were run which proved I didn’t have any real serious illness and found I should make an appointment with a Vascular Surgeon to check out a possible problem to determine if it needs attention.  Cindy will set up an date tomorrow..

Another Day–Another 50 Pennies

Good Morning –it is 30 degrees with the wind at 3 mph.  The high should be around 43 later in the day.  But most importantly no rain or snow.  My cats have been fed but I still have the rest of the zoo to do.  I told David I would go with him to get another tire for the Kia.  I’ll just have to get dressed.  Other than that there is nothing pending.

The shelf over the foot of my bed in now cleaned up and the jig saw puzzle that I’ve done are now on the shelf over the closet doors.

I awoke with a slight headache this morning but I’ll take care of that shortly.  The humming birds were suppose to start coming today and I have the feeder clean–just need to fill it.

Well have a great day and do something you like!

A couple of hours later I finally checked on my truck figuring I’d go out myself because I hadn’t seen David.

Ok my truck is gone ( Cindy must have it).  Some times I don’t know what the he** is going on!  Need a note people please!


Day 17

Hi there–me again.  Just finished J. D. Salinger’s  The Catcher In The Rye.  I try to read  new and old books for variety  but I don’t want to say how many times I wanted to throw this one out in the snow.  The main character is really screwed up which makes it hard to accept.

This story wants you to pui the book down but I try to finish every thing I read and now it is done.

I will now return to Jeanette Walls’ The Glass Castle gladly.

I’m feeling somewhat better today  so I don’t know if I’ll do a jig saw puzzle or just read.  Maybe it will warm up soon so I can be outside for a bit.  Almost all my chores are done for today and my mind is wandering around trying to figure what to do next.

Yesterday I rode with David to the doctor’s office and then we had breakfast out.  It does me good to get out of the house once in a while.

Yesterday when I was folding clothes Lily decided to help me.

Who says animals don’t know how to help.

Well I still feel the need to crawl into the tick for an afternoon nap around 2 or 3 pm.  so I do.
A peek out the front window shows a few large snow flakes  blowing around but nothing heavy,

These are the books that have piled up in the last few days.

I may feel well enough to catch up soon.

Well that is it for now.

A Simple Thing

Sometimes the most simple things can bring the greatest pleasure.  I woke up, a while ago , after a deep nap.  My mouth seemed to be stuck open. ( some kind of sticky stuff).  Dehydrated yep it seemed like.   After a couple glasses of water I settled on cutting up an orange.  What a wonderful taste.  It was a navel and I remembered I had paid $1. for it.  The pleasure that orange gave me was worth triple what I had paid for it.  It cleared my throat and put a smile on my face.

Need More

Well good morni—there ain’t nothing good about this morning.

That isn’t snow –it is ice and it is everywhere.

What climate change!  Who ordered this weather to make people sicker and sadder than necessary?  What I want is sunshine, to be able to sit outside, to hear the birds sing, to watch my dog investigate every inch of the yard for any new visitors, and to use my swing when I want it.  Life for me is always ticking on and I want to sense every bit of it that I have left.

O K down off the soap box.

I have a bowl of blueberry/oatmeal in my tummy, a cup of black coffee,  one fill it in puzzle done and no pressing reason to sit here yammering on about life so I’m crawling back  in the tick for a few more winks.



I’m Back Again!

Yes it has been a long time since you heard from me.  I’ll bet you thought I had kicked the proverbial bucket   Nope just ill enough not to give a rat’s ass about anything.  But I’m catching up now  This will not be in any particular order so bare with me.  Thank you.  This morning everything started out fine.  I worked on changing the bedding to wash it.   In the process I found the bulb in the lamp over the vanity wouldn’t light.  ( It was plugged in but burnt burnt out).

Speaking of vanities

Mine looks like a shelf in the drugstore.

The shelf t the foot of my bed will have to be cleared up shortly but that will wait until later.

My next chore was to feed the zoo.  That done with one bowl of oatmeal in my tummy I was aIleady  to proceed.

I got a call from Jay’s sister who is in rehab so I spent time talking with her. Later the phone rang an it was my eldest.  W talked about how things are going with him and it seems like he is having the same problem my next door neighbor  is having with getting commitments on jobs lined up.

With my bedroom under control I moved on.

Out of line but hey that has been my life for a couple of weeks.

I finally got the new flag up outside.

Today it is raining and forecast is for icy conditions this evening. This means walk out now for the mail as soon as it comes.
As you can tell I’m having trouble staying on subject.

This was the other day but it looks like today!

Yes I know but my mood is blue right now. Not sad but it makes me fell like being by the water.

latest shopping trip before yesterday but holding up well.

When I get up from here I will cut these back and put them in clean water.

Well my friend I guess I’ve wasted enough  of your time for today.  Be careful if you must go out this evening (I can’t afford to lose a reader).






Yesterday With Family

On Easter Sunday part of my family joined us for dinner.

Grand daughter Courtney and her mom Kim.

David and daughter Cindy.

As usual I ate to much and suffered leg cramps in the middle of the night.  I have to learn the body doesn’t like as much as it used to and revolts with pain .

I did get a picture of Courtney and me before she went home.

Now I have recent  pictures of both my grand daughters with me.

Today I have to get out for Brandy food, some personal items, and just basically look around.  After two days in the house the cabin fever itch hit me this morning.

I emailed Marion (my friend in England) a happy birthday.  Her messages to me sound lonesome.

Well the weather forecast says the low 40s today but clear.  So I shouldn’t freeze out there.  Have a good second day of April.