Yesterday With Family

On Easter Sunday part of my family joined us for dinner.

Grand daughter Courtney and her mom Kim.

David and daughter Cindy.

As usual I ate to much and suffered leg cramps in the middle of the night.  I have to learn the body doesn’t like as much as it used to and revolts with pain .

I did get a picture of Courtney and me before she went home.

Now I have recent  pictures of both my grand daughters with me.

Today I have to get out for Brandy food, some personal items, and just basically look around.  After two days in the house the cabin fever itch hit me this morning.

I emailed Marion (my friend in England) a happy birthday.  Her messages to me sound lonesome.

Well the weather forecast says the low 40s today but clear.  So I shouldn’t freeze out there.  Have a good second day of April.