I’m Back Again!

Yes it has been a long time since you heard from me.  I’ll bet you thought I had kicked the proverbial bucket   Nope just ill enough not to give a rat’s ass about anything.  But I’m catching up now  This will not be in any particular order so bare with me.  Thank you.  This morning everything started out fine.  I worked on changing the bedding to wash it.   In the process I found the bulb in the lamp over the vanity wouldn’t light.  ( It was plugged in but burnt burnt out).

Speaking of vanities

Mine looks like a shelf in the drugstore.

The shelf t the foot of my bed will have to be cleared up shortly but that will wait until later.

My next chore was to feed the zoo.  That done with one bowl of oatmeal in my tummy I was aIleady  to proceed.

I got a call from Jay’s sister who is in rehab so I spent time talking with her. Later the phone rang an it was my eldest.  W talked about how things are going with him and it seems like he is having the same problem my next door neighbor  is having with getting commitments on jobs lined up.

With my bedroom under control I moved on.

Out of line but hey that has been my life for a couple of weeks.

I finally got the new flag up outside.

Today it is raining and forecast is for icy conditions this evening. This means walk out now for the mail as soon as it comes.
As you can tell I’m having trouble staying on subject.

This was the other day but it looks like today!

Yes I know but my mood is blue right now. Not sad but it makes me fell like being by the water.

latest shopping trip before yesterday but holding up well.

When I get up from here I will cut these back and put them in clean water.

Well my friend I guess I’ve wasted enough  of your time for today.  Be careful if you must go out this evening (I can’t afford to lose a reader).