A Simple Thing

Sometimes the most simple things can bring the greatest pleasure.  I woke up, a while ago , after a deep nap.  My mouth seemed to be stuck open. ( some kind of sticky stuff).  Dehydrated yep it seemed like.   After a couple glasses of water I settled on cutting up an orange.  What a wonderful taste.  It was a navel and I remembered I had paid $1. for it.  The pleasure that orange gave me was worth triple what I had paid for it.  It cleared my throat and put a smile on my face.

Need More

Well good morni—there ain’t nothing good about this morning.

That isn’t snow –it is ice and it is everywhere.

What climate change!  Who ordered this weather to make people sicker and sadder than necessary?  What I want is sunshine, to be able to sit outside, to hear the birds sing, to watch my dog investigate every inch of the yard for any new visitors, and to use my swing when I want it.  Life for me is always ticking on and I want to sense every bit of it that I have left.

O K down off the soap box.

I have a bowl of blueberry/oatmeal in my tummy, a cup of black coffee,  one fill it in puzzle done and no pressing reason to sit here yammering on about life so I’m crawling back  in the tick for a few more winks.