Day 3 In May

Good afternoon. Just back from appointment with the vascular doctor at the hospital.  Yes there is a partial blockage of the abdominal  aorta.  It was decided that we would watch it for 4 months because surgery could be  risky at my age.

In other news

The tulips in the front yard had their first bloom;

I love it and I counted 13 more buds on the plant!

On the side of the house-

The Forsythia has finally bloomed.

Both of the Lilac bushes by the gate are now showing signs of the blossoms to come shortly. ( I do love this time of year).

While Chris mowed the lawn yesterday his mate, Pam, help me set up the strawberry pot.  I’ll get a picture of that later.

I have to take my camera out with me to the swing so I can catch the birds now visiting.  I have seen the Red wing Blackbirds,. the Doves,  some Cowbirds. a Cardinal, some Robins and the small birds but I can’t identify some of the larger birds. I guess I’ll take pictures of them and look them up in my Birds Of Michigan Guide. The old mind ain’t as quick as it used to be.

Cindy took me to get my nails done and my haircut so I wouldn’t scare the new doctor today.  I made sure the hair was lightly trimmed  this time so it won’t take so long to grow out.

I also change the color of my nails to go with more things.

I also had them trimmed back because I would hit a letter on the keyboard and get the number above it also.  I don’t have to correct as often now.

It rained heavily today but it cleared away after I got home from the hospital.  At least I don’t have to water the Strawberry pot or the front gardens.

Well my one program is done and the other has started so I’ll say so long for now.