May 4, 2018

Good Morning on this 4th day of May,

The Tulips out front have finally almost  reached  full bloom.

The the Strawberry pot I had mentioned yesterday got a soaking but nothing has appeared yet.

I’ll keep an eye on it for any growth.

Well the Deaver novel The Cutting Edge got quite a bit of reading yesterday as I waited for my appointment.  That and last night at home found me on chapter 27 as with all Lincoln Rhyme type novels it moves right along.

I have the zoo fed this morning except for the two dogs.  The dishes are under control and I have refilled the coffee cans that contain the birds, and the cat’s food.

I haven’t checked the weather forecast this morning so I don’t know what the day will hold.  I do have to get another battery for my Cannon camera because it is a little scruffy around the edges.  ( These thing wear out with taking them out to charge them.)

Nothing is planned for activities today but I could take Brandy to be groomed.

Have a great day and enjoy the flowers, the birds , and the fresh air.