Think About It

What do you think when you see this?

Several words come to mind

At least they have for the last few days. I have heard careless, stupid, stubborn. meddlesome, you aren’t doing what you say, you don’t pay attention,  You are impatient, you care about no one but you.   I guess this must be true because people say it is.  But when someone comes at you in anger what are you suppose to do.  Smile, walk away, defend yourself with words when all you want to do is punch them in the nuts, slap them hard in the face, or kick their ass.  Now I don’t mean just one there have a few that at this moment I don’t ever want to deal again.  I hate people who twist what you say to suit their thoughts.  That look down on you because they feel you are useless and dumb. They know everything and you know nothing.  If I could walk away from this and start over I would in a minute.

Just because I’m old It is not an excuse to push me around or walk all over me and eventually I may blow up  and strike back.