Day 8 In May

Back again –Zoo is fed, supplies from the garage are in and I have a few moments to visit.

I just finished Jeffery Deaver’s The Cutting Edge.  Excellent and informative with a subject matter that keeps you trying to figure out what comes next.  Last night I started Jeannette Walls’ Silver Star.

We were resting after our walk yesterday.

We walked 4 blocks yesterday and were happy to see the swing when we got back.  I did find when we got off our street you can get run over by someone backing out of a driveway.  I guess we will try a different route tomorrow.

This is our street and it is safer than yesterday’s choice.

The Lilacs at the gate are on their way.

Shortly we will smell that lovely fragrance.

on the outside of the fence more flowers are blooming.]

Sadly these will disappear when the lawn is cut again.

Well nothing is on tap for today because I’m going to avoid driving anywhere.  So reading in the swing is in top spot.

Do have a good day .  In fact have a good rest of the week.