Cindy and David brought me an early Mother’s Day.

This morning I received this,

It made me feel very special.


these with s vase. never had this before

unwrapped and arranged they are beautiful.

Thank you Cindy and David I love them.

Yesterday I started a project that was promised but overdue., At the back of the yard is this.

The neighbors had cleared their side but this is ours.

I started yesterday but as you can see I have quite a was to go,

It is raining today so I’m not sure I’ll get much done but I’ll keep at it weather permitting.

Brandy and I walked this morning but only halfway because Cindy and David had an appointment to keep.  She is in on the bed resting now.

Well the zoo is fed, my bedding changed, washed, and ready to go in the dryer,  So I think I’ll get cracking with a few things to do yet.

So this special feeling mother will visit with you again.