My Wish

Happy Mothers day to all. Even if you have no children you do have people you care about.  People you take care of.  People you share your time and love with.  That qualifies for the wish I send.

A card in the mailbox today.

This was for a bag of canned goods I donated to the food drive.

What does it take to help others?  A little time and caring.

Also in the mail was this.

A card from my youngest son reminding me we have a date next weekend.

We are going to Frankenmuth to drool over everything.  I believe that Anne’s mother is going with us.  It will be a fun day!

I’m in the process of getting birthday cards ready for the next few weeks,   If I don’t do that ahead of time then I forget to send them until it is too late.

It is still raining today so Brandy and I will have to forego our walk.  Also the clearing of the back fence is on hold.

I guess I’ll read my novel and look through the Collection Etc book before I  pitch it.  .

The roses Cindy and David sent me yesterday are still beautiful ( thank you  again).

The Lilacs at the gate are getting closer to smelling every day.

The left side is a little fuller than the right but both have buds to open soon.

Well my zoo is fed, also Brandy.  Speaking of Brandy I noticed one of her eyes is very bloodshot so she goes in Monday to see the Vet.  She is due for a Heartworm test anyway.

So life goes on sometimes busy sometimes not.  Have a great week next week.  This well thought of mother will visit again.