Sunday And It Is Dry

Up a little later this morning but with Cindy’s help we got the zoo fed.  I went outside to work on this

Redid the hummingbird feeder and refilled the seeds,.

The Red Wing Blackbird was by to check out breakfast.  I hope to get a picture one of these days but my camera is in the house when I need it.

While out there I found this

Sadly this one didn’t make it. Another fact of life.

It looks like Brandy and I will be able to take our walk today.because it is dry outside,  That also means I can get back to clearing my back yard fence,

Well Brandy just went outside so I have to keep checking to see if she wants to come in.

Brandy is back in and I emptied the  Hoover while I was out there.  You know you look at something several  times a  day but if you don’t fix it then it don’t get done.  I’m criticized for this habit but this is how I manage to  accomplice my goal.

Cindy had help this morning also.

Lily checked the washing machine over to make sure it was ready to do her laundry.  Our animals are always checking things out.

Another check at my Mother’s day flowers and they are still lovely.

Well I’m sure if they looked out the neighbors would be tired of seeing my blue robe so I had better get dressed and get cracking .  See you later!