Don’t Call Me Grace!

Yesterday was a busy day for me.  Chris and his better half Pam came over and help me clear the back fence.

All cleared except halfway behind the side of the garage.

This was moved out.

Chris hauled all this away.

The garbage cart was full because Cindy and David cleaned out the Buick before they sold it.  So Chris took 3 bags from the cart with him.  He also took  old wood night stands that had been out in the weather too. Now the front of the garage is neat.

Brandy and I walked our 2 blocks yesterday but not today.. I woke up this morning after Cindy and David left for an appointment.  Libby was in her cage barking.  I got up put on the coffee and started getting ready to take a shower.  I stripped in the bedroom doorway, got my plug for my ear, turned and tripped on the pile of clothes I had left in the doorway. I went down hard and my legs decided not to work.  The light was on in the bath room but I couldn’t get up.  I scooted out to the living room but couldn’t any thing to pull  me up.  The phone rang a couple of times but I couldn’t reach it.   I pulled clean bedding off a pile and a pillow to rest on back in the bedroom.  If I sat up I wanted to vomit.  I laid there quite a while but  I finally managed to get my nightgown back on.

Finally I scooted to the front room,

I pulled myself up to lean on the foot stool

From there I rolled into the chair..  I finally managed to get my feet under me and push my self to a standing position.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and proceeded to fed the zoo.  About then Cindy came home.

Now I have an abrasion in my right elbow, both legs are sore on the shins, but by god I got up, let Libby out of her cage to go outside, let Brandy out., and started the kitchen chores.  I sit here now and think all I wanted to do was take a shower.