Changes Made Or To Be Made

Well I have survived my meeting with the cement floor yesterday  with some very sore spots but I broke nothing so I’m very lucky.  Brandy and I just got back from our 2 block walk and now she is resting.

Cindy and I took her in to the vet’s today for a heart worm test and to check one of her eyes.  The vet went through all her medications then wrote down instructions on what was kept, disposed of the rest, and added one new one.  She has another appointment in a week.

The Doctor says she is in pretty good shape and that Is all I care about

But after my fall yesterday she gets up and makes sure I’m walking alright before shes goes back to what she was doing.

After we went to Krogers where i picked up a package of MetaMucil for this stupid stomach that keep acting up.  I’m going to go to bed with a dose every night so I can get to sleep and stay that way all night.  ( It is a bi#### getting old.)

I dresses in my bright colors today to cheer me up.

After all you can’t slump around when you are dressed like this.  The capris also have this

These colors with socks to match.

Yes I know 80 year olds aren’t  supposed to dress like this but I have been fat all my life and that meant dark colors and  no prints. Nothing to draw attention to my size.  Well I ain’t fat now and   I don’t have a whole lot of time left so I’m going to take advantage of it. ..

I have come to the conclusion   That my handwriting stinks so I’m going to print every thing I can from this day forward.  I have lost too many messages that I have sent through the mail not to mentions checks that were never received.  This is another pain to do a stop check at $ 25.00.

Well the weather is great, a little breezy but comfortable.  So I think I’ll go out and read in the swing for a while.

Enjoy the rest of your day.