Loving today!

Hey good morning to you!  Today promises to be a great day with between 53 & 78 degrees.  There is no wind and it is partly sunny.  It is a great day to take Brandy for our walk and to read in the swing.  My social calendar, as I laughingly call it, shows no appointments until next week.

Outside yesterday I Took some shoots of the flowers again.

A better shot of the Bleeding Heats but not really good yet but I’ll get it. 

In the garden under the front window.

These were all planted last year as were the lilacs and the forsythia.  I have added nothing new so far this year.

Across the street is this   I love the color.

Under the living room window another planting from last year.

A cardinal stopped by for lunch.

The violets are keeping the dandelions company in the yard.

Well still a little sore from my fall two days ago but doing much better.  Lets face it I’m not as graceful as I used to be.  It is the difference between a rock and a feather!

Well I have fed the cats but I still have the inside birds to do then the zoo will be fed except for the dogs.

Then I have to get dressed with out falling on my butt, grab some oatmeal and then it is  outside for  me.

Have a great day!