Only 5 More Days In June

Good afternoon.  It is middle to high 70s.  Hard to believe It is almost July.  I expected more warm weather than this.   I have been out in the swing today with Brandy but came in for a little nap.  Just settled nicely when the phone rang.  Someone saying (about you medicine– Medicaid,– just a few questions–)   to which I promptly hung up.

Today Brandy and I walked four blocks instead of our usual two.  It was pleasant enough and I may change to this route for a bit.

Yesterday I visited my dear friend Pam at Log Cabin Days.  Every year she and her group spend the day knitting outside to demonstrate.   While I was out I stocked up on vitamins and the drinks my doctor prescribed  to aid in maintaining  my weight.  I now have Glucerna In butter pecan. strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla for variety.  I  drink one a day.  While I was out I bought a 3 D jig saw puzzle to work on.

The Large Print  Reader’s Digest for July/August arrived Saturday and I’m almost done with it.  I also received Ruth Ware’s novel The Death Of Mrs. Westaway  In the mail today.

On to pictures

I picked this up yesterday for the pole in the front yard.

This is the Butterfly Bush In the left corner of the front yard.

It is now taller than the fence and still growing.

Another bunch of deep red blossoms in the Bleeding Hearts garden.

In the same garden but down front is this.

I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of hardly any of these blooms.  All I can dois point them out and admire them.

Please have a great  week.



The temperature is in the high 60s to low 70s for today.  It is clear but no sunshine yet.

Cindy has a meeting even though this is her off day,  David is resting as are the zoo.  Brandy and I have been on our 2 block already.  It looks like a reading day.

These flowers are from my grocery shopping trip yesterday.

When it is $10. I can’t resist bringing them home.

In the front garden with the Bleeding Hearts.

It looks like there will be more. They were a welcome surprise.

These are in the front of the living room window.

Both of these two pictures are from last year’s planting.  I love when things I plant come back again.

A call from Dr. K’s office said my culture was good.  I’ll take these reports any time.

Still working on the King novel Sleeping Beauties.  I’m on chapter 7.  Yesterday I did pick up a Dean Koontz paper back novel The Whispering Room to carry with me when I have to go wait some where.

Time out to vacuum  living room floor.  ( Note :remember to  empty the machine when done posting.)  All I could see when I looked around was bird seed that the birds had thrown out of the cage.  I had to get it up.  They tell me have this bad habit of dropping one thing to fix another when I see it.  It is true but If I don’t all I can do is think about it when I’m trying to do something something else then nothing gets done right.

Ok I’m back.

I have fed the outside birds this morning and I hope to get some pictures of my visitors soon.

Not whole lot more to say today so I’ll close for now.  Enjoy your day!





We Have Color!

Inside the air conditioning has goosebumps on your arms and outside the heat has you wondering where  your next breath is coming from.  It is 94 degrees, wind at 7 mph.  It will stay in the low 90s until around 8 pm this evening.  Now this is not bad and I’m not complaining just reporting.

The flowers are still showing up .

This is from last year’s plant.

The Bleeding Hearts ((also from last year) are needing water.

An addition this year

Cindy brought this home yesterday.

The pot says it is a porch plant.  It is indeed lovely.  She also wants a shepherd’s pole to place in the front yard  with 3 hooks to hang pots of flowers on.  This will take the place of the windmill that fell apart this year.

Last night Cindy and I went to Bonco.  It is an evening of getting together with friends that doesn’t cost much.  You don’t have to dress up, and there is always something in the way of treats.  We usually make Mom’s Chip Dip and bring the chips to go with it.  Did I win anything–No — but that not why I go.  Just getting out for a while is enjoyable.

My visit to Sterling Hearing resulted in getting the aids adjusted up a little more.  As usual we laughed with the doctor a lot.  I think he looks forward to our visit.

Well I’m on chapter 2 of Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.  I just have to have time to sit and read it.

I hope all of you had time to celebrate Father’s Day. Having lost my father many years ago and my hubby 4 years ago I kinda let it slip on by.

I think I will go outside for a while and warm up. The swing and my book are calling me.

Enjoy the new week and do something nice for yourself.


What Next!

Well I have, with Cindy’s help, been peeling this.

Yes it is the new fridge.

The old one died a couple of days ago and we felt it was better to buy new than to have the old one checked out.  As you can see we are still peeling the new one.  Today David it checked it for leaks ( it is fine) so we will have ice cubes shortly.

Well Brandy is up and antsy so this means I (will be up and down from this post. )

I put H. P. Lovecraft’s   book of complete works back in it’s cardboard box after wading through 49 pages.  It is difficult to understand without a dictionary laying open beside it.  It is back on the to read shelf until I get enough courage to wade through it.  I opted for Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties for now.

My  physical turned out to be I am in very good shape for my age.  I have a few things to keep an eye on  but as Cindy said Lily (her cat) and I are the healthiest beings in the house.

The day is sun shiny, a little breezy but great swing weather.

I saw a Hairy  Woodpecker at feeder today.  The first one I have spotted so far.  It is the suest cakes that brings them around.  Of course my camera was in the house!  But maybe it will be back.

Well I’m headed back outside for a while so have a good rest of the week.

11th of June

Good afternoon I finished The Outsider In the middle of the night.  What can I say it was  another one to qualify as a Stephen King’s great stories.  This morning I picked up the 1094 page The Complete Fiction Of H. P.  Lovecraft.  This book has been on my to read shelf since before  I moved in with Cindy.  I figure it is time to get it done.  I have two more on the shelf with about the same number of pages So I shouldn’t need to buy any for a while.

Well Cindy went to work. David is sorting his Magic cards, and Brandy joined the rest of the zoo in nap time.

Outside the wind is swaying the trees and the sun is shining brightly.   I will be out there soon , on the swing, reading.

I did manage to get out earlier to weed the front flower beds.   Everything needs to be watered but it isn’t wise to do that in the middle of the day.

The window clings for July arrived today so I’m set to go on that account.

Yesterday It was sprinkling when Brandy and I took our two block walk.

She was a bit damp when we got back.

But if I can do this a little more often she will not  be so afraid  of rain and storms.

I lost power and this ended In nowhere but I’m back  I want to feed Brandy and take our two block walk so I’ll close for now.


It Is The Weekend

Good Morning on this so far overcast day.  It is 62 degrees and calling for rain until after 2 pm.  It doesn’t look like swing time or a walk this morning but I’ll try to get both in later today.

Yesterday Cindy and I went to the movies something I haven’t done before hubby died.

We saw Book Club

If you haven’t seen it please get out of that easy chair and go see it.  It is hilarious, warm, and well worth your time.  Cindy and I agree that Candice Bergen nailed her part the best but the other three were good also.  If you see it let me know what you think about it.

Well yesterday was get my extra stuff done thanks to Cindy playing my driver so Brandy went to Petco for grooming, I did a little shopping, paid for storage,  after which it was movie time.

I noticed yesterday that the picture on my computer was this.

Otters my son’s favorite (sorry about he flash),

Well Cindy is at work all day today, David is resting, and due to the forecast I’ll spend part of the day inside reading but maybe Brandy and I will get our walk in this afternoon.

Checking on the flowers in the kitchen I see they are holding up well.

I never regret spending a little extra when grocery shopping…

…when I smile every time I go to the kitchen.  Why the kitchen you ask?  Why otherwise Lily (the cat) tries to eat them.

Next week is busy with a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, Nails on Thursday, the ear doctor on Friday (I’m just a social butterfly).  But most important Molly my cat will be 17 years old on Saturday. The truth be told there are times when I would like to ring her neck because every time ( and I mean every time) she sees me she meows for more food. But she has been with me a long time so I gently swear at her and dump more food in her dish.


Nolly on the cat bunch ( before I got the brush after her)

I think she misses being able to go outside.  Up North she was in and out all the time.  But in the city black cats are sometimes a temptation.

My friend Pam has a birthday on the 18th.  She got her card very early because I have been having trouble with my handwriting.  To solve this I printed the information out in large fount on the computer and taped it to the envelope.  Well Cindy thought I wanted it mailed so she took it with her.  ( At least Pam got her card.)

Well the zoo (except for the dogs ) are fed So it is time to pick up The Outsider again.  Have a great weekend


Thanks Les

Yes we have pictures.  Not in any special order but interesting.

Early Fourth

Flowers for the fourth

On the shelf

Bathroom decor  

The other one



The 3rd one


in the middle our trusty owl

Flowers from shopping

A gift from a neighbor

Finally got Molly partially brush out

That is about it for today.  Still in the middle of the King novel.  Reading it in the swing.

Let me know how things are going with you.

And Thank you Les for giving my camera a boot in the butt.



No pictures this time the camera is being mean.  I would buy a new one but I just spent a lot of money to replace the battery in the one.

Well yesterday was blood draw day.  Always fun when the veins are small and they roll.  But I had a great tech and she did a good job.  She said I was a real trouper.  Results this morning are blood is excellent.

Right now i’m reading Stephen King’s The Outsider.  The person you thought was the hero was killed on page 185.  I’m now on 204 and trying  to  figure out what is going on.  With about 380 pages to go this promises to be a real thriller.

It is 64 degrees, sunny but the wind is 8 mph.  Brandy and I have done our 2 block walk.  She is in on the bed resting as I visit with you.

I had a Michigan Salad from Leo’s yesterday with oranges, cherries, apples, nuts, and a  raspberry/vinaigrette dressing.  Delicious but I chewed the inside of my mouth on the greens.  (Why I do that I don’t know).

I still have some doctor appointments come up in the next month but I’m feeling very good.

I got a call from my grandson Dakota day before yesterday from California.  It  was great to talk with him and I really enjoyed the update.

Well I guess  that is it for now.  Enjoy yourself and do something like but don’t get to do very often.



What I Did

Good evening .  I just spent quite a while outside on the swing. I had my chores done so  I took the time to catch up on some reading that wasn’t a novel.  I have a tendicity  to tuck magazines into the rack that holds my TV  in the bedroom.  Sometimes I may have started reading them but I didn’t finish so they sit with those card board ads marking my place.  Eventually I have more paper sticking out of the shelves than I have room for.  So today I pulled the material off the shelves and hauled it all outside.

I have finished the AARP magazine  for April/May and the Reader’s Digest (large print) for June 2008.  I also  managed the 1st puzzle in my Fill-in book.  Now it is almost time for Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy two programs I normally watch.  Depending how tired I am I’ll lay down  or switch to Ion.   Exciting isn’t it!

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Correction  I forgot it was Saturday!

Where Have I Been

The 30th of May was my hubby’s birthday so
Cindy and I went over to take fresh flowers to him.

This is t6he first time since the snow fell because  it is  difficult walking in bad weather.

While there we put flowers here also.

Marguerite was Cindy’s second mother.

She took care of her while I worked.  She was there for us when my first hubby died.   Cindy was 4 months old at the time.  This is why she was her second mother.

I just finished Joe Hill’s Strange Weather.  It is a four story novel and a page turner.  Mr. Hill demonstrates the same ability as his father (Stephen King) has for grabbing you up and letting you dangle throughout the stories.

Great read


This morning I pick up King’s Outsider but have just started it.

Today is a beautiful day and I’m trying to be outside as much as possible.  But I have Libby to look after beside Brandy so It have been an Inside/outside day.  Brandy and I got our two block walk in while Cindy was home,  It is Brandy’s nap time now.

Chris is here mowing  down the yard which it needs.

Cindy has gone to get David so I wanted to visit for a bit.

This has been a bedding laundry day for Cindy, today,  The last load went into the dryer.

I’m going to take my cup of coffee, The Outsider, and make my way to the swing as soon as Chris has finished the lawn.  (Gonna have a little down time.)