Where Have I Been

The 30th of May was my hubby’s birthday so
Cindy and I went over to take fresh flowers to him.

This is t6he first time since the snow fell because  it is  difficult walking in bad weather.

While there we put flowers here also.

Marguerite was Cindy’s second mother.

She took care of her while I worked.  She was there for us when my first hubby died.   Cindy was 4 months old at the time.  This is why she was her second mother.

I just finished Joe Hill’s Strange Weather.  It is a four story novel and a page turner.  Mr. Hill demonstrates the same ability as his father (Stephen King) has for grabbing you up and letting you dangle throughout the stories.

Great read


This morning I pick up King’s Outsider but have just started it.

Today is a beautiful day and I’m trying to be outside as much as possible.  But I have Libby to look after beside Brandy so It have been an Inside/outside day.  Brandy and I got our two block walk in while Cindy was home,  It is Brandy’s nap time now.

Chris is here mowing  down the yard which it needs.

Cindy has gone to get David so I wanted to visit for a bit.

This has been a bedding laundry day for Cindy, today,  The last load went into the dryer.

I’m going to take my cup of coffee, The Outsider, and make my way to the swing as soon as Chris has finished the lawn.  (Gonna have a little down time.)