No pictures this time the camera is being mean.  I would buy a new one but I just spent a lot of money to replace the battery in the one.

Well yesterday was blood draw day.  Always fun when the veins are small and they roll.  But I had a great tech and she did a good job.  She said I was a real trouper.  Results this morning are blood is excellent.

Right now i’m reading Stephen King’s The Outsider.  The person you thought was the hero was killed on page 185.  I’m now on 204 and trying  to  figure out what is going on.  With about 380 pages to go this promises to be a real thriller.

It is 64 degrees, sunny but the wind is 8 mph.  Brandy and I have done our 2 block walk.  She is in on the bed resting as I visit with you.

I had a Michigan Salad from Leo’s yesterday with oranges, cherries, apples, nuts, and a  raspberry/vinaigrette dressing.  Delicious but I chewed the inside of my mouth on the greens.  (Why I do that I don’t know).

I still have some doctor appointments come up in the next month but I’m feeling very good.

I got a call from my grandson Dakota day before yesterday from California.  It  was great to talk with him and I really enjoyed the update.

Well I guess  that is it for now.  Enjoy yourself and do something like but don’t get to do very often.