It Is The Weekend

Good Morning on this so far overcast day.  It is 62 degrees and calling for rain until after 2 pm.  It doesn’t look like swing time or a walk this morning but I’ll try to get both in later today.

Yesterday Cindy and I went to the movies something I haven’t done before hubby died.

We saw Book Club

If you haven’t seen it please get out of that easy chair and go see it.  It is hilarious, warm, and well worth your time.  Cindy and I agree that Candice Bergen nailed her part the best but the other three were good also.  If you see it let me know what you think about it.

Well yesterday was get my extra stuff done thanks to Cindy playing my driver so Brandy went to Petco for grooming, I did a little shopping, paid for storage,  after which it was movie time.

I noticed yesterday that the picture on my computer was this.

Otters my son’s favorite (sorry about he flash),

Well Cindy is at work all day today, David is resting, and due to the forecast I’ll spend part of the day inside reading but maybe Brandy and I will get our walk in this afternoon.

Checking on the flowers in the kitchen I see they are holding up well.

I never regret spending a little extra when grocery shopping…

…when I smile every time I go to the kitchen.  Why the kitchen you ask?  Why otherwise Lily (the cat) tries to eat them.

Next week is busy with a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, Nails on Thursday, the ear doctor on Friday (I’m just a social butterfly).  But most important Molly my cat will be 17 years old on Saturday. The truth be told there are times when I would like to ring her neck because every time ( and I mean every time) she sees me she meows for more food. But she has been with me a long time so I gently swear at her and dump more food in her dish.


Nolly on the cat bunch ( before I got the brush after her)

I think she misses being able to go outside.  Up North she was in and out all the time.  But in the city black cats are sometimes a temptation.

My friend Pam has a birthday on the 18th.  She got her card very early because I have been having trouble with my handwriting.  To solve this I printed the information out in large fount on the computer and taped it to the envelope.  Well Cindy thought I wanted it mailed so she took it with her.  ( At least Pam got her card.)

Well the zoo (except for the dogs ) are fed So it is time to pick up The Outsider again.  Have a great weekend