11th of June

Good afternoon I finished The Outsider In the middle of the night.  What can I say it was  another one to qualify as a Stephen King’s great stories.  This morning I picked up the 1094 page The Complete Fiction Of H. P.  Lovecraft.  This book has been on my to read shelf since before  I moved in with Cindy.  I figure it is time to get it done.  I have two more on the shelf with about the same number of pages So I shouldn’t need to buy any for a while.

Well Cindy went to work. David is sorting his Magic cards, and Brandy joined the rest of the zoo in nap time.

Outside the wind is swaying the trees and the sun is shining brightly.   I will be out there soon , on the swing, reading.

I did manage to get out earlier to weed the front flower beds.   Everything needs to be watered but it isn’t wise to do that in the middle of the day.

The window clings for July arrived today so I’m set to go on that account.

Yesterday It was sprinkling when Brandy and I took our two block walk.

She was a bit damp when we got back.

But if I can do this a little more often she will not  be so afraid  of rain and storms.

I lost power and this ended In nowhere but I’m back  I want to feed Brandy and take our two block walk so I’ll close for now.