What Next!

Well I have, with Cindy’s help, been peeling this.

Yes it is the new fridge.

The old one died a couple of days ago and we felt it was better to buy new than to have the old one checked out.  As you can see we are still peeling the new one.  Today David it checked it for leaks ( it is fine) so we will have ice cubes shortly.

Well Brandy is up and antsy so this means I (will be up and down from this post. )

I put H. P. Lovecraft’s   book of complete works back in it’s cardboard box after wading through 49 pages.  It is difficult to understand without a dictionary laying open beside it.  It is back on the to read shelf until I get enough courage to wade through it.  I opted for Stephen and Owen King’s Sleeping Beauties for now.

My  physical turned out to be I am in very good shape for my age.  I have a few things to keep an eye on  but as Cindy said Lily (her cat) and I are the healthiest beings in the house.

The day is sun shiny, a little breezy but great swing weather.

I saw a Hairy  Woodpecker at feeder today.  The first one I have spotted so far.  It is the suest cakes that brings them around.  Of course my camera was in the house!  But maybe it will be back.

Well I’m headed back outside for a while so have a good rest of the week.