We Have Color!

Inside the air conditioning has goosebumps on your arms and outside the heat has you wondering where  your next breath is coming from.  It is 94 degrees, wind at 7 mph.  It will stay in the low 90s until around 8 pm this evening.  Now this is not bad and I’m not complaining just reporting.

The flowers are still showing up .

This is from last year’s plant.

The Bleeding Hearts ((also from last year) are needing water.

An addition this year

Cindy brought this home yesterday.

The pot says it is a porch plant.  It is indeed lovely.  She also wants a shepherd’s pole to place in the front yard  with 3 hooks to hang pots of flowers on.  This will take the place of the windmill that fell apart this year.

Last night Cindy and I went to Bonco.  It is an evening of getting together with friends that doesn’t cost much.  You don’t have to dress up, and there is always something in the way of treats.  We usually make Mom’s Chip Dip and bring the chips to go with it.  Did I win anything–No — but that not why I go.  Just getting out for a while is enjoyable.

My visit to Sterling Hearing resulted in getting the aids adjusted up a little more.  As usual we laughed with the doctor a lot.  I think he looks forward to our visit.

Well I’m on chapter 2 of Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.  I just have to have time to sit and read it.

I hope all of you had time to celebrate Father’s Day. Having lost my father many years ago and my hubby 4 years ago I kinda let it slip on by.

I think I will go outside for a while and warm up. The swing and my book are calling me.

Enjoy the new week and do something nice for yourself.