The temperature is in the high 60s to low 70s for today.  It is clear but no sunshine yet.

Cindy has a meeting even though this is her off day,  David is resting as are the zoo.  Brandy and I have been on our 2 block already.  It looks like a reading day.

These flowers are from my grocery shopping trip yesterday.

When it is $10. I can’t resist bringing them home.

In the front garden with the Bleeding Hearts.

It looks like there will be more. They were a welcome surprise.

These are in the front of the living room window.

Both of these two pictures are from last year’s planting.  I love when things I plant come back again.

A call from Dr. K’s office said my culture was good.  I’ll take these reports any time.

Still working on the King novel Sleeping Beauties.  I’m on chapter 7.  Yesterday I did pick up a Dean Koontz paper back novel The Whispering Room to carry with me when I have to go wait some where.

Time out to vacuum  living room floor.  ( Note :remember to  empty the machine when done posting.)  All I could see when I looked around was bird seed that the birds had thrown out of the cage.  I had to get it up.  They tell me have this bad habit of dropping one thing to fix another when I see it.  It is true but If I don’t all I can do is think about it when I’m trying to do something something else then nothing gets done right.

Ok I’m back.

I have fed the outside birds this morning and I hope to get some pictures of my visitors soon.

Not whole lot more to say today so I’ll close for now.  Enjoy your day!