Only 5 More Days In June

Good afternoon.  It is middle to high 70s.  Hard to believe It is almost July.  I expected more warm weather than this.   I have been out in the swing today with Brandy but came in for a little nap.  Just settled nicely when the phone rang.  Someone saying (about you medicine– Medicaid,– just a few questions–)   to which I promptly hung up.

Today Brandy and I walked four blocks instead of our usual two.  It was pleasant enough and I may change to this route for a bit.

Yesterday I visited my dear friend Pam at Log Cabin Days.  Every year she and her group spend the day knitting outside to demonstrate.   While I was out I stocked up on vitamins and the drinks my doctor prescribed  to aid in maintaining  my weight.  I now have Glucerna In butter pecan. strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla for variety.  I  drink one a day.  While I was out I bought a 3 D jig saw puzzle to work on.

The Large Print  Reader’s Digest for July/August arrived Saturday and I’m almost done with it.  I also received Ruth Ware’s novel The Death Of Mrs. Westaway  In the mail today.

On to pictures

I picked this up yesterday for the pole in the front yard.

This is the Butterfly Bush In the left corner of the front yard.

It is now taller than the fence and still growing.

Another bunch of deep red blossoms in the Bleeding Hearts garden.

In the same garden but down front is this.

I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of hardly any of these blooms.  All I can dois point them out and admire them.

Please have a great  week.