July The 1

Good Morning on this sun shiny day that will prove to be quite warm.  So I started with watering the flowers in the pots, filling the bird bath, and then seed in the bird feeder.  I was trying to get the outside chores done first.

Then it was inside t fed the zoo.  load the dishwasher,  made my bed. and pickup all the odds and ends left out from last night.  I managed to slip in a shower also.

I got my red, white, and blue on to celebrate the day.

Waiting to go up in the front windows are these.


Have to have the window clings placed.

I’ll get these up later.

Cindy’s birthday is 6 days away and I think I’m set for her surprise. ( But like a little kid I want to give it to her early.)  No–No–my mind keeps saying.

Well I’m moving along with Sleeping Beauties by Stephen and Owen King.   On chapter 15  but only about !/3 of the way through.

It is 84 degrees, wind at 4mph right now with an expected 90 degrees by 4 pm.  I don’t think Brandy and I will be walking much today.  But if we do any It means to go now.  So I’ll put this on draft now and come back later

I’m back and we did our two blocks ok.

I just put the new flag up.

Flag and flowers –it don’t get no better

I also changed Cindy’s goose outfit.

Our Miss Liberty

An outfit for my goose got lost in the making .

I have a picture from Log Cabin’s day.

This is my friend Pammie and an author from her tent . Both dressed accordingly.

Well I’m looking for one of my hearing aids—I’m sure it will turn up.

My reading material is starting to grow.  I now have 3 novels besides the one I’m working on so I will be busy.  I also have that 3 D jig saw waiting.

Well that is it for now.  Have a comfortable day.