Have a great day on this fourth of July.  Not up to going to any parades this year but as you age you tend to change your outlook on what is most important.

We have had a surprise here.

This appeared on our fence yesterday

You really don’t know who is paying attention to you.  We, two neighbors across the street, and a couple down the street recieved these in front of our homes   But it is people like Chris Murphy who handles our yard work and my trying to keep things pick up and other things water that helped to earn this recognition. Anyway Thank you for the recognition.

My Brandy was developed  An infection in her left eye.  Took her the Vet yesterday and she now has drops to be used for 5 days.  She then has to go back next Saturday to see if they are helping,

A better picture  Of the sign

Well we are proud.

Grocery shopping today and this is our bouquet.

Like I said before got to get flowers.

Have a great holiday