Birthday And Other Things

Cindy’s birthday was yesterday.  Her present from me was not the least practical.

It was several things

This is a Fairy Stump!

These are some of the additions

more of them

As for food for her early party

She bought A nacho from Revere’s

I made the Carrot Cake for her.

Tasty fare yes!  She took part of the cake into work with her.  They liked it.

I have to show  you the Butterfly Bush in the left hand corner of the front yard.

It is blooming,

David said there were some Monarch  Butterflies by it today. (no I didn’t have the camera handy),

It has been pretty warm today but there was a breeze also so you could be out in for a while.

Brandy and I walked our 4 blocks this morning after I got the flowers watered, the outside birds fed, and the zoo taken care of. .

Today start a very busy week for us so It may get a bit hairy around here but stay with us please.

Enjoy the rest of the week end and I’ll visit again.