Mary’s Day

Today is not Sunday it is Mary’s day because I proclaim it.  It has been a heck of a week with Brandy’s seizures. waiting for the 3rd so I could get needed supplies in, and fighting an unknown depression.  But that changes today.

First I guess Cindy and I won’t be doing a back and forth post because there is too much going on for both of us–maybe another time,

Now for the weather on my day.  It is sunny as I said, will be mid 80s and up all day, and the wind will be around 11 mph making it a good swing day.

I started my morning with French toast made with apple/raisin bread

I have wanted this for a few days and being My day I made it this morning.

Then to the computer to announce My day.

I have fed the zoo, gave Brandy her pills, ( she is resting right now,) so is every living creature.   Also outside the birds are fed, and the the flowers and bushes watered.  I think I might change the flowers on the shepherd pole for greens like ferns but I want to check with Cindy first.

I changed the flag yesterday seeing July was gone.

I love the satisfied look on the dog’s face. It is like all is right with the world.

A new Panasonic phone system now.

It is by the computer with another in my bedroom.  It is loud enough so I can hear it.  I really like it.  It is just another one of those things I needed to improve.  With the old one I had to pick up the unit to hear the messages.

Cindy picked these out at the grocery store the other day.

They sit on the stove because Lily will eat them otherwise.  Cindy said the pink caught her eye.  I like her choice.

Brandy got up and wanted out so I’m out of here to celebrate My day.