I’m Back On The 14th.

Good Morning–another sun shiny day.  Just finished Ruth Ware’s The Death Of Mrs. Westerway.  I was so impressed with it that  I ordered The Lying Game and The Woman  In Cabin 10.  They should be here in a couple of days.  In the meantime I have The President Is Missing to work on.

Brandy is doing pretty good with no seizures the last few days but I’m keeping her medicine up.  We are in and outside a lot.  I have had her taking a short walk the last couple of days.  THe vet said no walks but she goes to the gate every morning and a short walk to just past Murphy’s house and back seems to satisfy her needs. I feel as long as she doesn’t overdo we should be fine.

I found a new plant in the front garden.

It is in with the Bleeding Hearts,  What is it?  Beats me but it is pretty

An invasion of the seed feeder

Day before yesterday what looked like  these American Crows took over the feeder area.  I had to take down the feeder and put in the seed bucket until they had eaten their fill.  I put it back up yesterday and have had no problem since. I do have a Blue Jay visit some times now.

Well the zoo is fed this morning, the dishwasher emptied, and there is time for our visit before the rest of the humans get up.

I have a nail appointment tomorrow but nothing going today.  I think a short walk with Brandy, starting The President is Missing, and getting s few household chores done is the order of the day. Enjoy this Tuesday .

I forget to wish grand daughter Courtney a Happy Birthday yesterdaybut I did send a card.  Happy birthday! love you  Gram