Another Book Just In Time.

It is 74 degrees outside with temperatures in the low 70s the rest of the day.  There is a misty rain right now and it has been wet all day.  (No need to water today.)

I spent the majority of my day in my room reading The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and  James Patterson.  I’m now on chapter 25 and I’ll pick it back up as soon as I’m finished her.  It is a good story showing how a person can be caught up in controversy  when they can’t tell the facts because of danger to many.  When the air is on in the house  for others comfort I have a heater in my room that i use.

I received Ruth Ware’s The Woman In Cabin 10 today and that will be my next read when I finish the one I’m on now.

I discover Hoagen-Dazs Trios and am hooked on them now.   I have a carton of Banana Peanut Butter  Chip sitting in front of me.  I won’t eat it all in one sitting but I will maim it a little. The joy of not having to worry about gaining weight.

The Butterfly bush out front is doing a fine job attracting all kinds of butterflies.  The problem is my camera is in the house when I need It.

As you can see there a three shades of purple in bloom.

Well swing time and our walk was cancelled by the rain today but maybe we will get back on track tomorrow.  (The trio just went back in the freezer for today.)

I’m 3/4 through another Fill It In book.  I do the puzzles in between reading.  A little change up for the eyes.

Cindy and I got our nails done yesterday.  I decided to go with a “Waa!!” color this time.

T darn near glow in the dark!

The Credit Union girls will have comments for this color.

Well My friend it is a little after 5pm and my hands are cold so I think I will sneak back to my room, turn on the heater, and pick up The President Is Missing again.

Have a good evening and a better day tomorrow.