Things I Have Accomplished

Just finished James Paterson & Bill Clinton’s The President Is Missing.  Well written with many factors to follow, to unrevel, to reach the conclusion.  Worth the time reading it.  I start Ruth Ware’s The Woman In Cabin 10 now.  I have also ordered her In A Dark Dark Wood.  

My big cat.

This is one of many that I have painted because I love big cats.  Unfortunately this was damaged while in storage.  I debated trying to fix it but decided to follow my rule of if it is broken get rid of it.  It had been in storage since I moved so it wasn’t like I needed it.  Yesterday I took a hammer to it so it will go to trash today.  (What does a 83 year old woman need with a statue anyway.)  This is one of many things that will go before I’m gone.

It is chilly out so far today but I’m in the swing reading.  Cindy is busy going through cupboard checking what we have.  Past due are going out and she is making a list of what we will need.

Well Brandy is up so I’ll get her outside for a short walk.  Have a good week.