It Is The 23rd

Good Morning on this clear, cool morning.  My zoo except for the dogs have been fed.  The outside birds are set up also.  I’m finishing a slice of Apple/cinnamon toast and will post the latest.

Les and Anne are expected up on Sunday (his 51st birthday)  I have a small surprise for him.  Nothing big but hey the bast I can do.

Pictures I promised from yesterday before the rain that I took last night after.

a teapot house in the fairy garden

a new stone bridge

a bird bath

These were placed in the second section  of the displays.

This plant was in my bedroom on a shelf.

I had bought for my sister-in-law but when I went to deliver it she had been moved to a hospital so I brought it home and set in on a haigh shelf over my bed so the cats couldn’t chew on it.  Yesterday I moved it outside, put in fresh soil, and said  little prayer for its new home.  I’ll see if this helps.

Yesterday in the afternoon Lily decided my bed looked good because the dog was in the living room,

Speaking of the oog I cleaned her eyes yesterday but they started gumming up again.  There are times when she twists her head like she can’t focus on anything Bless her heart!  I’m going to have to make a decision on her future shortly because I can’t  stand to see her suffering like this.

Well I was bear naked yesterday at least jewelry wise.  I had taken my ring off because my finger was swelling.  I had to remove my earrings because I lost one of the backs and would have lost the earring too.  So today I’m going to get ‘dressed ‘ again before the holes in my ears close up and while my finger isn’t swollen.  I guess it is the joys of the elderly!

I went with Cindy grocery shopping yesterday so I didn’t get much reading done on The Lying Game  by Ruth Ware but I’ll pick it up again today.  I may have to pick up my volume of Poe’s work next because I’m running out of novels.

Well that is it for now have a good day.