A Bit Of Everything

I just finished Ruth Ware’s The Lying Game and It is another good one pick it up.

I have spent most of the day out on the swing.  I have read, did Fill It In puzzles, and listened to what was going on around me.  .A bird that kept calling Cheater, Cheater. A slight breeze making it a lovely time to swing.

This morning Cindy walked a block with me following the route I used to walk with Brandy every day.  Now Cindy has back problems so you know she was doing it for me.

I just filled the feeder this morning and the crowd is waiting.

Yesterday at Les’ birthday party we had Lasagna, salad, and an Ice cream cake.

I had to sing the monkey song when I showed it to him.

If you don’t know it tell me and I’ll put it down for you.  He also spent time updating mine and Cindy’s Blogs.  He is a very good son and we love him for it.

This is the picture Les printed for my wall in the bedroom.

He took me to get the frame yesterday.

this is a closeup.

I took a picture Of Molly this morning.

She is a little under the weather too so I’m taking her into the vets tomorrow.

I took this while I was outside this morning

This is the side street by the house.

It is missing the last two letters on the sign,

This is in the swing with me today.

Now that I have finished The Lying Game  I’m going to pick this up.

I called this my book to take with me

If I were going to the doctor’s,or riding with Cindy while she did her business rounds I would read while I wait.  Now I’ll finish it up.

Well It is almost supper time so I’ll close for now.  Remember do something nice for yourself.