Getting There

Just cleaning up a few details today.  I called Home Again to report Brandy’s demise.   Also took Molly (my cat ) into the Vet yesterday.  She is  very dehydrated and they did a blood test on her.  I’m waiting for the results today.  She kinda of got pushed aside when Brandy got ill.

She is a little under the weather  so I’m took her into the vets 

The expenses are mounting up but when pets get old it is expected.  When I checked for Molly just now I found her here,

Curled up on the cat perch.

She looks like she is snapping out of her condition.

Cali and Lily our sharing my chair.

I’m starting to loosen up on my stress condition.  It has been a bitch of a time these last few days.

Well I finished the Large Print Reader’s Digest for September yesterday and am still working on the Dean Koontz novel.

It is in the mid 80s today and will be all day so I will be spending time outside again.

Libby has been in her cage barking to remind me (David and Cindy are at the doctors) she wants out.

Spirit, my bird, is banging her bell against the cage as if to say I’m here too you know!

Well I guess I’ll go let Libby out for a little time and then we will be back in the house

Have a good day.